How to Add New Effect in Gta SA

This is not  Mod But tutorial
for How toAdd new Effects.txd & Effects.fxp in Gta San Andreas

First you need tool for edit:

[-] Notepad
[-] TXD workshop
[-] 2 Effects.txd (1 for export texture & 1 for Add New Texture)
[-] 2Effects.fxp (1 for Export Data fxp & 1 for Add Data new fxp)
With this you can make you're own All in one Effect
And I hope with this you'll understand
Best Regards


gan saya request skinnya naruto kyuubi mode sama tutor ngedit pejalan kaki donk... berjaya terus blog ini!!!!

use what tool to edit == (sorry,I very stupid T.T)

And how to edit the color of the effect? Like "rasen-shuriken". Sorry,keep asking you about these question =.= Maaf

@one fail second protect thank you so much
Taqabalallahu minna wa minkum shiyamana wa siyamakum

@o.O tool TXDworkshop & notepad for add new effects
for edit colour rasenshuriken you can use Photoshop

Oh!Thanks, I'm looking for related to tutorials, support your tutorial, I hope I can go to my website?I hope more people can recognize it.

Can I REPRODUCED this video to anonter webside?

hello madaraangara tutorial Anda sangat baik tetapi saya dapat membantu menempatkan kirin sinar hitam, ke kuro raiton perut. terima kasih atas tanggapan Anda.

@DImin lu yes you can stay calm with me
@kevin el parce u can make double effect try change the colour texture with photoshop

ENGLISH VERSION:Man I ask you please send me a request so the steps one by one in order .. I do not understand the video ... xD is very confusing .. not if it is an example of BlueCircl or I have to do .. and when you find bluecircl in the text document you find climbing almost immediately, however I can not find that file down, but very up and not at all like what you see on your screen, do not understand much in case I want help I'd appreciate it: D

tolonk pencerahan [[f9.chg]] [[f9.cha]] [[f9.chn]] kalo gw kasi effect ato edit jadi kotak2

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